Epoxy garage floors

Looking to increase your garage floor’s durability, enhance it’s look and make cleaning a breeze? Get a free consultation and quote for your epoxy garage floor today. With over a decade of experience and a 10-year warranty Saulnier Epoxy Floors is your #1 choice for epoxy floors in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

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Professional, extraordinary quality and great communications are the things that come to mind when thinking about Saulnier Garages. The floors are not only beautiful, but they were done flawlessly using their state of the art machinery and knowledgeable installers.

Garage Epoxy Styles

We have many different styles available for your epoxy garage installation. During your consultation, we’ll have samples available so you can see your options firsthand. Our products range from metallix epoxy, which provides a luxurious, one-of-a-kind look that can mimic the appearance of marble, to solid color epoxy, decorative patterns and logos, and flake epoxy, featuring colored chips or flakes scattered over the base layer of epoxy, then sealed with a clear topcoat.

Why Choose Saulnier?


As a locally owned company, we take pride in hiring and training local crews and treating them well. All this translates into a quality product.

A Decade of Experience

We initially started in the hardwood and interior flooring business before branching out into epoxy. With this transition, we bring a wealth of experience in all things flooring.

10-Year Warranty

We have great confidence in our product, which is why we offer a 10-year warranty.

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Epoxy Garage FAQs

Epoxying a garage floor involves a meticulous process. First, it is essential to clear the garage as much as possible and then thoroughly clean the surface. Repairing any cracks or imperfections is also crucial at this stage. Next, we prime the concrete to create a rough surface that facilitates epoxy adhesion. Once the surface is prepared, the epoxy is applied to the floor using a roller or brush, ensuring even coverage in small sections. Depending on the desired thickness, multiple coats may be applied. Additionally, design considerations, such as opting for metallic or flake epoxy, are taken into account during this stage. We let the epoxy cure and then a topcoat may be added for enhanced durability and protection against stains and abrasion.

There are three main styles of epoxy for garage floors: fleck, metallic, and solid color. With solid colors, you can achieve any desired color, and you can even use multiple colors to create cool patterns or logos.

With fleck, you get a multi-colored palette, typically involving neutral, earthy, or black and white colors.

Metallic is another style that offers a seemingly endless assortment of colors. You can create swirls and waves that resemble marble or water.